The Activities

Campfire (FREE)

Customer may sets campfire at the palm oil area behind Rumah Kontena compound by utilizing dried logs and woods available at designated area.

Cycling (FREE)

Experience Kampung Sijangkang traditional settlement with many unique houses around. Good to combined with fishing trip and Mangarove Tour

Fresh Water Fishing (FREE)

Located 1.5KM from Rumah Kontena is a water lines where fresh water fishes is at abundance, fishing line (Kampong Style Provided). But you must start digging for worms (baits) your own!

Jetty Fishing (FREE)

Have your own fishing gear? Why not to try fishing at nearby fisherman jetty (walking distance). You can also talk to local fishermen to have yourself carries to the middle of the river with some additional fee

2KM Mangarove Tour (RM4/entry)

Located 2KM from Rumah Kontena and 2KM long, this Mangarove Tour (pay upon entry) is good if you want to try to watch flora and fauna nearby. Psst, there’s swing and bee farm you may visit. Talk to bee farm owner nicely if you wish to learn more from them.

Gardening (FREE)

Helps Azree & Fuad the owner of Rumah Kontena to do some gardening, we love planting and cleaning up weeds in our yam compound. No, not that weed.

Geese Feeding (FREE)

Feeds our geese with fresh cut grass around the house. Pet them nicely. Perhaps being chased by them is something you wish to try? Don’t sream!

Fireflies Sighseeing (FREE)

Depending on your luck, sometime you may be able to sightseeing fireflies (not that many) jut at the back of the house. No guarantee, maybe if you’re lucky enough to see it, you will be very happy too! Don’t catch and scare them away.

Cat Shelter Voluntering (FREE)

Volunteer in Taqwa Animal Shelter and help Dr Taqiuddin, our handsome veterinar doctor spaying and neutering feline and canine friends. No, you will not do the surgery, but perhaps help feed and clean the area and pet them 🙂 Donation is welcomed too.

WiFi all you can (FREE)

If you want to stretch your RM to the max, don’t sleep and keep on connected to our unlimited WiFi. Sadly, we have only 4mbps coverage by Streamyx, so no Torrent is allowed ya!


No, don’t leave your DNAs, but leave your namecard, proposals and even anything interesting to us. Take good photos and hastah #tubestay and #tubestayrumahkontena to wins *FREE Movie tickets!

Make Recycle Crafts (FREE)

If you think you want to learn on Ketupat weaving and trying to act like Atuk Nenek dulu-dulu, why don’t you make your own broomsticks by the abundance of Palm leaves and learn weaving anything using the leaf.

Paragliding (RM200 onwards)

We will get you liaised with our pilot if the weather is permitting. Drive to Bukit Jugra and experience Tandem Flying in paragliding (powered by foot) at additional cost paid directly to Pilot

Drift Trike (From RM40)

Drive yourself to Bukit Jugra (Book with us first) to confirm your seat. Limited to 3 passengers per day! Extreme sport to the max!