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Free Karaoke! : Starting 16th. October 2018, each twin room will be equipped with bluetooth karaoket unit! #tubestayidol
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]POLICIES / TERMS OF SERVICE

Since August 10th 2018, we have updated our property policies for all guest staying in the Tube Rooms. This policies is to compensate lower price offering to cater short term travelers.

  • All guest with children must be accompanied with a guardian / parent.
  • All guest must be above 18 years old.
  • Only 1 guest is allowed per Single Tube / Capsule (1 units)
  • Double room maximum occupancy is only 2 person per room allowed (2 unit)
  • No pets is allowed
  • No pork, beer and loud noise permitted after 7pm
  • Communal Outdoor toilet is to be shared with other guest
  • No towel is provided unless mentioned in room rates
  • Please do not drink and eat inside the room (RM50 cleaning fee for damages to be imposed)
  • No smoking or utilization of e-Cigarette in the Capsule Room
  • Container unit is only accessible (guided) for Muslim guest for prayer purpose and will be locked after 11pm and opens back at 6 am.
  • Please seeks assistance from our Guest Liason officer at (011) 6156 8740
  • No heavy cooking is allowed.
  • Please turn off the air conditioning unit when leaving the room.
  • Please take care of personal belonging and safety at all time we take no responsible for any unprecedented incident that happened in the area.
  • Please abide at all time to Malaysia Civil and Shariah law.
  • Do not throw sanitary / baby diapers on site or into the toilet. No trash policy!