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House Rules

All You Need to Know About Staying in Tubestay @ Bukit Jugra (House Rules & Policies)

Booking & payment

  • All booking is strictly online
  • No walk-in booking is allowed
  • Payment must be made immediately (online) via Payment FPX System provided. No proof of payment required once the payment has been made
  • Booking without payment within 6 hours will be deleted
  • All Cancellation will incur 20%  deduction from the paid amount of booking

Safety Precaution

  • All customers should always take care of their safety at all time
  • Children must always be accompanied and not being left alone paying in the compound
  • Park your car close to tube area at night (please use our second gate to park your car)
  • Be careful with fire hazard and walk carefully along the path prepared. It can be very wet and muddy on rainy day
  • Do not feed wild animals. Ask for help if you stumbled with wild / poisonous animals
  • Fire extinguisher is located beside the Musolla (Prayer Room)
  • Swampy area have high chances for you to get bitten by mosquitoes and other insects, please wear long pants and shirts at night and apply sufficient repellent for the evening and night before you sleep.
  • The use of electrical extension is prohibited inside the tube.
  • Please seek for help from our Guest Officers should you need extra blanket and extended request.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

  • Take note that this area is built for the purpose of CAMPING. Every facilities are communal.
  • Towel and Toiletries are not provided. Please bring your own for hygiene purpose
  • Do not eat inside your room. This is to prevent crawlers and fire ants from attacking you while you’re sleeping
  • Do not smoke inside the room neither smoking electronic cigarette
  • We practice recycle. Please separate your rubbish in the designated bins provided.
  • Food waste should be placed separately
  • Female hygiene unit is provided in the toilet, please make use of the unit properly
  • No pet allowed. No pork, alcohol and beer is allowed to be brought into the premise
  • The communal kitchen is to be used by all occupants, please clean all waste and wash utensil used after every session.

Obey Malaysian Law

  • Do not show public affection in our area
  • Non married couple are not allowed to stay in a room. Stay separately
  • Do not bring any drugs or hazardous materials that can endanger occupants

Booking Policies

  • Booking must be made in advance (2 days) minimum
  • All booking is to be made online. No walk in booking is allowed
  • Booking is defined as confirmed once the payment is completed and returned with successful payment email
  • Full refund is for case where technical issues are happening within our control
  • 80% refund should you request for cancellation. Postponement is allowed but price difference is non refundable and must be added in extra incase the selected date price is higher than the earlier paid amount
  • No refund of price differences is to be given due to price different during promo sales and normal sale pricing
  • By making a booking and making a payment means you have agreed, read and understand to our terms and policies.